The forest is a classroom where 5 to 12 year-olds discover
the interdependence of people, plants, and creatures


Our Mission

In their initial American foray, our colonial forebears failed to see Mother Earth as a living force endowed with the capacity to heal, feed, and nurture, an oversight whose consequences manifest today in the afflictions of our bodies and disorders of our minds. Eastern Woodland Learning provides an environment for the young to seek balance in themselves, bearing that gift to a society hungry for spiritual grounding and experiential good sense. Our aim is to cultivate the student’s innate attraction to plants and creatures so that s/he might access for him/herself Mother Earth’s wisdom. At the same time, our formal curriculum addresses the cultural encounter between indigenous and colonial culture. In story and music, through native language and European animal husbandry, we explore the cultural and spiritual orientations of the peoples who met long ago on this land and whose legacies we inherit.



>>>>>>> small groups of 3-6 children <<<<<<<