A Special Visitor

Teacher Rick introduced us to his friend Scotty Raven Dancer today who was playing his flute as the boys entered the forest. He brought three wooden flutes with him, each with its own sound and story. Scotty Raven Dancer asked the boys if they could hear all of the different animal sounds coming from his flute and how the animals in the forest were responding. Finally Scotty Raven Dancer started cawing into the forest with full breath and brought our attention to the high bird chatter alerting the animals below of the threat of a red-tailed hawk. We learned that when there is a ground threat, like a bobcat, you will hear more from the ground birds and small animals. As a bobcat walks through the forest, the higher birds will follow it and send the message down to the lower creatures and will then pass off their responsibility to another bird as the predator journeys on.