November Enterprise

The activities and adventures of each day at Eastern Woodland Learning are determined by the season, the weather, the students' proclivities, and necessity. After six hours a day for two and a half months in the woods, the students' minds have settled into the rhythms of the forest. They rely less on the teachers for direction and guidance and move, explore, rest and nourish themselves according to their own intuition and relationship with the natural world.

Here is a visual sampling of how November manifested:

The students couldn't wait to see what was inside of an old-growth oak tree near the school site.

Our first snowfall brought wide smiles, snowball fights, a lit stove in the tent, and some fascinating ice formations in the frozen mud.

As we continued working on the outhouse, manual labor was needed to carry rocks up the hill for the drainage hole.

November brought lots of field trips - White Memorial Conservation Center, Mashantucket Pequot Museum, Camp Columbia State Park, and Cathedral Pines Preserve. Here are some lovely pictures exploring the tangle of trees left behind by three tornadoes that hit Cathedral Pines Preserve in 1989.

With the stove lit in the tent, cooking is becoming a favorite activity. So far the students have tackled naan and soup. Earlier in the year they made bread on sticks over the bonfire as well as roasted and stewed local apples, so indoor cooking only adds to their culinary skill set. Here they are preparing soup with knockwurst, kale, and potatoes. The unanimous consensus was that it was delicious!