Investigating Fauna

To complete a week full of field trips, teacher Elizabeth took the boys to visit the Sharon Audubon Center. Besides the wide variety of wild birds, the center is home to a number of full-time "residents", unreleasable birds that live in cages. Paloma the dove sat on the boys' fingers, and Manny the raven played bells for his young audience.

There was also a saltwater fish tank that had a white plastic-covered magnet in it. There was a second magnet on the outside of the tank that the kids could use to control the inside magnet through the glass. The fish would dive down and chase the magnet and the boys discovered that the coral would grab it any time it touched its polyps. Delightful interactive fun!

And finally, the boys played with newly-formed ice in and around a pond on the property. Elizabeth couldn't believe how long they lasted in such extreme conditions of wet AND cold and said they had a blast!

Aside: Although we do not receive any sponsorship, I would like to offer a mother's thanks to Bogs, Columbia, The North FacePatagonia, and REI for keeping these boys warm and comfortable in all types of weather. Many people are astounded when I tell them that my children are outside in Litchfield County all day, even in December. As this is our program's first year, I have contacted customer service at a number of these companies to see which of their products they recommend for our situation. We are field testing their suggestions, and I am more than happy to share this information with other parents considering similar schooling options.