Scaling Mt. Tom

Thanksgiving Break brought a minor set-back to Eastern Woodland Learning. A wet, heavy snowfall on an unattended tent collapsed the structure like a pancake. Every aluminum pole was bent and needed be replaced. We are still in the process of re-engineering a structure that will withstand winter weather, but our generous team of volunteers had the tent up and running for daily use by Tuesday afternoon. Monday, therefore, presented a perfect opportunity for a field trip to Mt. Tom State Park with teacher Tim.

A friendly hiker warned the team at the beginning of their adventure that the trail up to the tower was challenging and not particularly kid-friendly. He suggested they leave their packs behind. Undeterred, they set about their way. After three months in the forest, not only were the boys more than capable of tackling the trail, but they found it more logical to bushwack straight up the side of the mountain. If the shortest distance between two points is a straight line, why not walk directly to your target?!

Once at the tower, Silas (age 6) offered some of his lunch (from the backpack he carried to the top!) to the friendly hiker :)

Kunsang (age 4) took the initiative to lead the team back down the mountain. He navigated the entire route and didn't stop running until he reached the bottom where they spent some time "fishing" in a small lake.