Wilderness Museum

Friday's tent erection was a success!

As we delve into this first full week of schooling, the children are getting to know their teachers intimately and vice versa. Upon entering the tent this morning, Silas jumped on top of Andy and gave him a big squeeze. I have never seen him more excited to go to school each morning. He comes out of his bedroom with a smile, doesn’t argue about getting dressed, and is generally more helpful around the house.

When I picked the boys up yesterday at the tent they were thrilled to have found a deer skull with Tim. They had also harvested scads of Autumn Olive berries so they could share them with their brothers at home.

Today I paid them a visit after lunch to see what they were up to and to snap a few photos to share with all of you. Earlier in the day, Kunsang stepped knee deep into mud, and shoes for both boys had quickly become superfluous. They joyfully approached me as I crossed the bridge, barefoot and smiling. They were already becoming adept at scampering across the forest floor without shoes.

I was immediately directed toward their tent, which they explained had become a museum. Their collection included the aforementioned deer skull along with another bone with mysterious scratches around the edges. Turns out, little animals in the woods chew on bones to access their essential nutrients. Their museum also included artwork, and I deduced that their morning drawing session must have incorporated the deer skull because I saw its resemblance hanging in a sequence of drawings and watercolors that were hung from the tent poles.

After my tour they took off with Andy down the hill, mindfully navigating around the ubiquitous barberry threatening to ravage their virgin feet, to collect wood for the fire pit they had just dug. At pick-up this afternoon they asked if I could send marshmallows in their lunches tomorrow. Ummm, no.

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