The Artist Formerly Known as Rain

Without rain pants and rain boots, our littlest student came home covered in mud!

Yesterday was our first rainy day in the forest. It was a good test run as we fine-tune the optimal clothing choices for our variable New England weather. Luckily it only rained lightly for a couple of hours in the morning, and I was pardoned for not sending in rain pants and rain boots. (It was sunny at our home 40 miles away when we left that morning!) Clearly I have to send in any and all possible clothing options each day.

Upon arrival, Tim got the boys excited about their art project for the day. First each child would make drawings with watercolor crayons under the shelter of the tent, and then they would place their artwork outside so that the rain could complete their compositions. He explained how each drawing would actually be completed by two artists - a human and the rain. It was rain's day to show off her artistry.