Field Trip to the Fish Hatchery

We recently discovered a nearby fish hatchery that was built in 1923 and is still fully operational. The cement tanks and much of the equipment at the Burlington State Fish Hatchery are original to the site and produce Brook Trout, Brown Trout, Rainbow Trout, and Kokanee Salmon, a population of sockeye salmon that do not migrate to the ocean and live their entire lives in fresh water.

Our visit was unplanned, and we got to watch a team of biologists marking fingerling sea trout for identification by clipping their fins. They are part of the Brown Trout "Survivor" Program, which is intended to produce a strain of fish that is better suited to survive in the wild. The friendly biologists answered Silas and Kunsang's many questions and let them each hold a fish. The fish were mesmerizing, and we spent hours exploring the numerous outdoor ponds that are fed by artesian wells and nearby streams.