The Story of the Golden Olive

From the Teachers' Journal:

TRD 9/22/15

Today we spent at Camp Columbia. I told the boys I had a dream about the “Golden Olive,” a golden-colored autumn olive that was almost all sweet, no sour (editor's note: Tim had made this rare find the day before while exploring Camp Columbia after the boys went home. Autumn Olive berries in this area are most commonly red). We followed the clues in my dream and indeed we found it. Ask the boys to tell you the story. We’re torn because we’d like to save the seed and plant it here because it’s so good, and yet… it’s autumn olive (editor’s note: Autumn Olive is an invasive species in CT) and may actually be illegal to purposely plant it.

Rest of the day spent exploring, doing some plant ID. A good geography project might be to have them draw you a map of the quest for the Golden Olive…