Friday Adventures with Elizabeth

As told through photos captioned by Elizabeth herself!

Mating slugs - they are hermaphrodites and the white part is the reproductive organs of both, stuck together. These slugs will lay about 30 eggs a month from now.

Crayfish hunting

Halloween costuming ideas = "The Turkey-Deer"

Pokeberry art

Jewelweed tincture. After 3 weeks we will remove the leaves and use it to soothe skin irritations.

Into the Black Spruce Bog, a 10,000 year old kettle pond of melted glacier ice that has filled over time with undecayed plant matter to create a 40' deep sponge of peat.

While the carnivorous plants were already gone at this late point in September, mushrooms abounded in the sphagnum moss.

Spontaneous stone work practice session in the middle of the trail (editor's note: they have been studying flintknapping with Drew on Wednesdays and Thursdays). Silas and Kunsang were interested to discover the relative hardness of various rocks.

Sharon Audubon - our first visit in warm weather. Exploring the woods Silas and Kunsang found a large debris shelter off the trail.