Constructing and Concocting

After Monday's adventure painting gourd birdhouses at the IAIS and three days of fun in the woods, Friday arrived quickly enough. In the morning the boys were off to our friend Pietro's workshop to build more birdhouses, this time out of wood. You may recognize Pietro from the outhouse construction at the beginning of the year. We owe him another special thanks for inviting these kiddos into his shop.

Silas spreads glue on the end walls of his birdhouse before nailing the floor into place.

Kunsang nails his floor piece. With just a little practice, he was using the hammer very effectively.

The thrill of power tools!

Elizabeth and the kids returned to EWL afterward for their first-ever Make-Your-Own-Soup Day! The chefs combined Elizabeth's tomato paste, peanut butter, and cilantro with the celery, oranges, and water from their lunch boxes to create a delicious (to them!) concoction. It was certainly nutritious because they were invigorated for an afternoon of lively sledding.