The Warmer Side of Life

With only two days left, February 2015 is on track to become the coldest month on record in Connecticut. With snowstorms galore and many days where the high temperature barely broke the single digits, several days this month required mostly indoor learning. So what did we do?

One day was spent at Imagine Nation Children's Museum in Bristol.

A snow day that kept us in New Haven brought pretzel making, music lessons, and a dance party at teacher Tim's home.

And then there were the heart-felt Valentines they made for their mother... oh wait, nevermind.

But too much indoor time does not a happy child make, so out they went to jump into the huge piles of snow. There was a little blood, but the resulting photo-op quelled any tears.

They relaxed in a deer bed and explored an overturned tree's root mass.

Last but certainly not least we have Silas explaining how to make a bow.