Transition to Spring

With the thaw of spring came the wonderment of running water. The melting snow uncovered some leftover insulation from our fall building projects, and voila!... boats.

The boys couldn't wait to get back to Wigwam Brook and explore the beaver lodge and the activities of its occupant.

It's been fun to return to our favorite haunts that while bearably fun on a single-digit day are an absolute blast when the mercury rises above freezing. Silas and Kunsang got a chance to introduce their brother, Tenzin, to the Sharon Audubon Center.

The rocket stove we used to boil the maple syrup was handy for learning about the properties of thermodynamics.

Finally, a most excellent find was this North American Porcupine that we spotted nibbling new foliage in a tree. They are not common in these woods.