Fine Dining at Sheppard

The school year has drawn to a close, and I am playing catch up on a few blog posts. I've been preparing for this one for some time.

Cooking is a favorite activity at EWL, both over an open fire as well as on the pellet stove. Delicacies have included English muffins, roasted apples, wild teas, maple franks and beans, and a large assortment of "soups". A few months back, Elizabeth asked the boys what they wanted to call their restaurant, and with great enthusiasm Silas responded "Sheppard!" We listen to a lot of music on the hour-long trip to and from school, and the Australian band Sheppard is one of their favorites. I love that the traditional spelling, shepherd, refers to someone who lovingly guides and tends to his flock through all seasons and weather.

I present you some of the offerings on the menu which feature many locally harvested wild edibles and a few items from the boys' lunch boxes (e.g. apples, carrots, and granola bars).

And a peak inside the kitchen.