Homage to the Three Sisters

Just as we waited patiently for the right time to tap our sugar maples in March, we needed proper weather conditions and seasonal timing to plant our highly anticipated Three Sisters Garden. May 28th was that day. Rick graciously donated heirloom corn, Brian had some long-necked squash seeds from his mother, and Tim provided the climbing beans. A week or so before planting day, Silas selected the spot for the garden - it was a small, remote opening in the forest that would need to be cleared for adequate sunlight.

Mounds of soil and compost from the farm were created, and the boys planted the first crop, corn.

A surprising cold snap came a few days later and with it wool long underwear in June! We worried that the seedlings wouldn't make it, but luckily enough survived. The beans and squash were planted in succession, when the time was right, but unfortunately after school was out. I am hoping to bring the boys to their garden periodically this summer so they can water it and see its progress. In the meantime, I can't thank Brian Noell enough for his generosity of time and spirit to this project. We will report back in the fall!