The Finer Points of Industry

At the heart of the EWL mission is our intention as a community to teach through doing. The content of that learning is guided by the teachers but often generated by the kids. Here is just one example of this in process:

Silas is extraordinarily rough on his clothing, more than any child I have ever encountered. The fact that he is in the woods all day scrambling across rocks and clambering up trees only accelerates the wearing of holes through the knees of his pants. I think his record is two or three wearings before holes. One day with Tim he decided that he wanted to learn how to sew so he could close the holes in the knees of his pants! Luckily a needle and thread were on-hand, and he completely submersed himself in threading the needle and sewing for much of the afternoon.

With the excitement of a new-found skill, the boys asked Elizabeth if they could do more sewing. Funkadelic t-shirts with buttons and fringe were in order!

Kunsang threads a needle with red thread as he prepares to attach a blue action figure to his tunic.

The boys loved making clothes they could wear. They spent about 4 1/2 hours (with some breaks to run around) incredibly focused on this challenging fine-motor and spacial-learning process.

Silas draws a line to guide a cut that will complete the front edge of his tunic. The back side sports long fringes.