The Legend of the Leatherman

There is a story around these parts of a heartbroken wanderer who would continuously hike a 365-mile loop between the Connecticut and Hudson rivers sleeping in caves at night and living off the kindness of local strangers who knew his patterns well. The circuit would take him 34 days, and in the second-half of the nineteenth century he completed 11 loops per year for almost three decades before succumbing to the winter of 1889. Dressed in scraps of leather he would collect along the way and sew into clothing he became known as the Leatherman. He barely spoke but was well-known by many who could set their clocks by his predictable timetable.

Tim thought the boys might be interested in checking out two of his nearby caves, one of which had served as a hideout for Tories earlier in our nation’s history. The Tory Den is part of the Mile of Ledges, which provides ample opportunity for unassisted rock climbing for young hands and feet. The other cave is a two-mile walk from the trailhead. All three EWL journeymen said it was well-worth the strenuous effort.