Tending to the Land and Our School

Our students frequently tackle serious work with an ever-expanding view of their role on this land. Here are a few examples:

They located a natural spring on the property using a site map and reading the clues of the land (damp earth) then created a cistern of sorts to capture drinking water. They also collected samples of the water to be fully tested for potability.

The USDA came and surveyed our land with the help of the students in the interest of creating a land-management plan. They were impressed by many of the measures we already take - the barberry removal from last fall, ongoing trail clearing, etc. - and included further removal of invasive species in their plan. The school will receive some of the grant money as the children continue to clear more barberry and bittersweet in the upcoming months.

Silas and Brian built a cold-house from reclaimed windows to extend the growing season of our garden.

As winter approached, we loaded up on pellets for the stove in the tent, as they were rationed in our area last year due to the extremely low temperatures. The boys helped clear a storage area under the tent platform and widened the trail so the tractor could deliver the pallets of pellets.