Days with Drew

Time for a round-up of recent activities via the teachers' photographs, and it seems best to organize them by teacher. First up we have our Wednesdays and Thursdays teacher, Drew! I must confess some of these are from the Spring that I just unearthed.

In May Drew made bark baskets and boats with the kids, and they taught each other hand games:

He brought in some copper and brass and taught them how to work the metal then some kids make rattlesnake and fish cuff bracelets.

Woodchopping is always a necessary chore around these parts but is also a lot of fun. Connor, Ender, Kunsang, and Silas all got a turn and had a ceremonial photo taken to boot ;)

Drew inherited some animal hides and brought them in for Tess, Silas, and Kunsang to learn about and clean.

And finally, there was a lesson on whip cracking with a homemade whip!