Sharp Tools, Sharp Skills

Carving, chopping, sawing, and drilling are just a handful of the skills we teach the children at Eastern Woodland Learning. For tree tapping last week, they drilled holes and cut and split firewood to boil the sap into syrup. They practice throwing tomahawks at targets and sharpening knives for carving. We believe children are up to the task once they have been taught how to use these sharp tools properly. For example, Drew has explained to them about the "blood bubble" - the space around your person as large as your arm can reach with a knife. No one should be in your blood bubble while you are carving because you might slip. When tomahawk throwing, we only use one tomahawk so that a child cannot be at the target retrieving the tomahawk while another is taking aim at the target. As long as the children follow the guidelines, they are free to use almost any tool.

Here's a quick look at some of these activities over the past few months: