A Day in the Life

From Elizabeth via the Teachers' Journal:

Mild day in the 30's. Morning we explored new areas of the Autumn Olive Grove (I cut some trails). Back at the tent S & K created 2 different recipes with a variety of vegetables, spices, tofu, and miso. At Silas' suggestion they cleaned a space after cooking so that Brian (their invited guest) would enjoy the meal. During in-between times S & K both worked on story-making. Afternoon Brian cut wood and boiled sap, and the boys participated in splitting logs. Rick came by with a hollow log that we can make into a corn pounder. He taught us how to use coals (from the conveniently burning sap stove) to burn out the center of the log. I've also ordered wood carving gouges, so we can work this long-term project from a few different approaches.

The boys asked Brian to bring me the menu of the daily specials at Sheppard when he came out of the forest so that I could see what they were working on.

A Jonnycake is a cornmeal flatbread that was a staple of the early American diet originating from the native people. The boys cooked them on our new sap stove.