Discovering for One's Self

At EWL we strive to provide the physical and mental space for children to investigate their own questions and to formulate their own answers. Sometimes they don't need an answer, they simply want to explore the possibilities while their minds soak up loads of information in the process. Our teachers do not provide immediate answers for all of their questions but rather ask questions in return to help our students identify the available resources so that they can discover for themselves.

Silas and Kunsang's brothers Tenzin and Rigdzin recently had the day off of school and wanted to join them in the woods. Tenzin was excited finally to have some time and freedom to invent new contraptions using his favorite building material - rope. There was snow on the ground, so they spent much of the morning sledding, and he created a rope-tow of sorts that the kids could grab onto as they went down the hill to stop and also to pull themselves back up (sorry, no pics).

Later that day all four boys enjoyed making torches and experimenting with ways to keep the flame alive longer.

And then came this invention to pick up nails off the forest floor:

A new child with new ideas making new discoveries. That's what it's all about.