April Showers Bring...

...Lots of work as well as discoveries. Brian led up an effort to create a small orchard near our fire pit. Silas and Kunsang then made a map of the fruit trees for future reference.

The cold house that Brian and Silas built last January was repurposed into a raised bed, which they planted in a radial design. The bed was divided into eight triangles with a sun at the center and was very similar in design to the drum they have been building with Silent Wind Coyote.

Digging out the remnants of a early- to mid-20th century tractor from a stream bank in Amandaland one day was very exciting.

And, of course, hours have been spent looking for frogs and crayfish now that spring has arrived.

A raccoon skull emerged from the melted snow.

And a new bird feeder near the tent has provided many moments of quietude and observation.