Sugar, Sugar

In preparation for the continuous fire required to boil gallons of maple sap into syrup each spring, our students began cutting firewood months ago. Sugaring season begins when daytime temperatures rise above freezing while nighttime temperatures remain below freezing. The timing and length of the sugaring season is entirely dependent on Mother Nature and provides yet another opportunity for our students to harmonize their own patterns with the rhythms of each season. The fact that there is a sweet reward is all the better.

Locals know that it takes 40 gallons of sap to yield one gallon of syrup - that's a lot of boiling. Last year we showed you our new and improved sugaring stove, which proved its worth once again this year.

The results... DELICIOUS! In fact, today our students are with Elizabeth making acorn-maple-apple cobbler. Let's hope they invite Brian and me for a taste :)