Catching Up and Saying Goodbye

Oh boy am I behind on posting cool photos from Tim. These are so much fun:

Kunsang and Silas testing out their homemade firestarters while making paper airplanes.

Tim is adding more bee hives to his collection this year, so he brought them in for a decorative paint job.

Tractor time with Brian while gardening.

Kunsang taking a reading break and making a tiny building.

Another hike to a Leatherman Cave followed by serious exploration of a vernal pool, complete with frog eggs.

Cutting and designing a die for a boardgame then playing.

These children are filled up with wonderment, curiosity, mindfulness, self-confidence, creativity, and resourcefulness. Their teachers are nothing short of amazing.

Sadly, Tim will be leaving us at the end of the year to accept full-time employment at Common Ground, and as I type this I find my eyes welling up. For three years he has shared his many unique gifts with our students. Together they have role-played, created adventure games, made hockey rinks and rolling cars, kept bees, hiked to remote corners of northwest CT, gardened, and so much more. Tim's gentle and steady presence has given our students both the space and support to make their own discoveries and to find their own joy. We wish him all the best. Common Ground is lucky to have him. Thank you, Tim.