Gimme Shelter

Shelter is one of the physical requirements for human survival and, therefore, is at the base of the hierarchy of needs. This is my THIRD post on shelters that the kids have either discovered or built themselves. In anticipation of the Forest Camp sleepover, our school-year students began work on a large debris shelter this spring.

A shelter suitable for a half-dozen campers and two adults needs to be large and well-protected from the elements, so work continued with more manpower during the first week of Forest Camp. Lots and lots of Japanese knotweed (a highly invasive species) was cut down for waterproofing on top and a moisture barrier on the ground.

The sleepover on Thursday was optional, and we had five brave children and one chaperone join Drew for a night under the newly-completed debris shelter. Amazingly, Drew tended to the campfire all night long. Elizabeth arrived with breakfast first thing Friday morning to find a cheery group of campers who were thrilled to share the details of their once-in-a-lifetime adventure.