Burn Baby Burn

EWL's first day of school with teacher Dave

EWL's first day of school with teacher Dave

Eastern Woodland Learning is back in session for the school year. We have a new student, Rigdzin, who is thrilled to be joining his older brothers in the woods. This weekend we will host our annual open-house BBQ this weekend, after which we are looking forward to welcoming some new students. Please help spread the word.

In the meantime, here are a few activities from this spring that didn't make it into the journal that I'd love to share with you before we embark on a new year of learning.

Our students spent a couple of weeks working on traditional burn bowls.

Kunsang's love affair with frogs lives on. He built a home for a wood frog that he found in our wetlands.

In an effort to see more animals close up, they decided to make a pitfall trap. I'll give you one guess... how many animals do you think they trapped?

Finally, Drew taught the boys an Algonkian game of chance called Hubbub.