Winter in the Woods

Even when temperatures dip in winter, nature continues to provide rich content for our students' young minds to soak up. Our teachers come prepared with project ideas as well. Here's a sampling of what we've been up to:

As winter approached, the wildlife scurried about to store up food and prepare for the cold. Sadly, there was a noticeable uptick in roadkill. Dave found both a squirrel and rabbit that he brought in for our students to skin, roast, and eat.

They took a field trip to White Memorial in mid-December where they found a dead, very smelly garter snake in the water as well as a wasp nest.

With the arrival of snow, animal tracking was even more fun! There were lots of squirrel tracks.

A vole and a coyote.

Drew has been helping the boys bend frames to make their own snowshoes. First they tried on Drew's pair.

At Mohawk Mountain State Forest the boys found a cool shelter under the roots of a tree. Inside were some neat ice crystals emerging out of the ground.


And finally - good ol' fun in the snow. Introducing "Big John", the man-sized snowman. We are still searching for Silas buried under all that snow ;)