Winter Tracking with Elizabeth

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The boys and I tracked this bobcat through brush and briars, crawling on our bellies throughout the property. We ended up in a place we'd never seen before and were even slightly lost. So much fun! Thanks, Bobcat!

Bobcat pauses on haunches

Bobcat crosses skunk tracks.

Warming early in the winter brought the chipmunks out of their burrows and into the snow.

We haven't seen chipmunk tracks in deep snow here in previous years. Usually they are still in their burrows when the snow is this deep.

During the early February warming the raccoons got super active and left tracks everywhere along the trails throughout the property.

Possum party in Late February.

This very large raptor (likely a red tailed hawk) took out a hippity hopper (mouse or chipmunk) right below Big Velvet (a beautiful oak tree close to the tent).


When snow is deep and the tracks are obscured, making an ID can be tough. The boys and I followed one such trail for a good distance until we encountered a urine mark. They got down to sniff and immediately declared "fox!". Once you learn the skunky odor of fox urine, it's a definitive clue.

Kunsang had no difficulty identifying these tracks as belonging to a fisher (there's one bobcat track, too). The boy's tracking skills have come a long way!