Forging Ahead

The past month has seen a lot of metal forging activity at EWL. The first forge the boys made with Drew was coal-burning - Drew found some anthracite on the Old Berkshire North Railroad in New Milford. They broke up the coal then dug a hole deep into the side of zombie volcano and punched out an air vent. As a group they worked on a knife blade.

In the midst of the volcano-forging frenzy, former EWL students Connor and Ender dropped in for an afternoon to play games and check out our latest project. March also saw the return of Forest Camper Teddy who brought his younger sister Kaitlin along with him for some productive days of fun and learning. Teddy really enjoyed filing and sharpening the blade.

Using the pellet stove in our tent, Silas heated, shaped, quenched, filed, sanded, and sharpened a neck knife for himself over the course of several days. He also made a lovely pouch for it from deer skin.

Meanwhile his brothers worked on shaping sheet metal and pounding coins.

Clearly forging is an activity that everyone enjoys, so Drew and the boys created a more permanent forge outside with the old pellet stove.

We will have to wait and see what else they decide to make when the weather improves later this spring.