Required Clothing List

We cannot stress enough the importance of sending your child into the woods with high quality, weather-appropriate clothing. In fact, the success of our program depends on it. Please check the weather forecast the morning you send your child to EWL. In the fall and spring they will need to have both rain pants and a rain coat with them at all times. In the winter they will need an extra set of waterproof mittens. It is recommended that your child have a complete change of seasonally- appropriate street clothes in the tent including several extra pairs of wool socks.

  • Winter coat – both waterproof and insulated.
  • Waterproof snow pants. For example, Lands End Squall Snow Pants
  • Rain jacket and pants. Pants should have a closure (Velcro, elastic, etc.) at the ankle to cinch tight over boots. We recommend Oakiwear or REI.
  • Insulated rain boots. For example, Bogs Classic High with handles. Bogs will work for all three seasons.
  • 2 pairs of long underwear (top and bottom) – no cotton. One should be lightweight (merino wool or Capilene) and one expedition-weight.
  • Many pairs of wool socks.
  • Well-fitting winter hat
  • 2 pairs of waterproof mittens that are easy to get on and off.
  • Polar fleece pants and jacket

Feel free to ask Steinen for further suggestions.