Wild Rice Camp

The weekend of September 22-24, Tenzin was invited to join our good friend Sarah Heuer on a Manoomin (wild rice) weekend camp organized by Northern Michigan University's Center for Native American Studies. Participants learned the importance of manoomin to the Ojibwa people, traditional harvesting techniques by creating their own wild ricing sticks, and planted 1,000 lbs of rice.

Here is Tenzin's essay describing his experience. He did not take any photos, so I am including photos from last year's wild rice day (photo and video credit: NMU's Center for Native American Studies). Tenzin's prose are clear enough that you can match his descriptions to the activities in the photos, but I am not positive I have all of the steps in the correct order. Nonetheless, the photos and video are definitely worthwhile. Because last year's event was only one day, they did not plant rice.


Mother's Note: So it turns out there are a handful of pictures online from this year. If you click on the photos in the album you can read descriptions along with the Ojibwe words. The photos are here and here.