"My two children attended Eastern Woodland Learning for 1.5 years. It was an incredibly valuable experience for them. They formed a strong, caring relationship with their teacher, Drew, and the other students at the school.

My boys had participated in nature programs before, however EWL is so much more than a typical program. It is total immersion in nature throughout the seasons and in all weather. The school manages to maintain a balance of adventure, freedom and playfulness while also setting a high expectation of responsibility, safety and conduct from the children.

No two days were alike at the school. Some days there was a plan to help clear the forest of an invasive species, learn about a plant they had seen or work on a shelter they were building. However, there were also many days in the woods that were very non-structured and the children were able to let learning come from their curiosity. This might mean an entire day of building boats from found materials and manipulating the muddy sides of a stream to see what happens.

Unfortunately, our family moved out of state and our boys were no longer able to attend EWL. I highly recommend that any parent who is looking for a different way of learning for their child consider Eastern Woodland Learning."
- Valerie Mulverhill

"My kids LOVE this camp! Last night they lay in bed with me for about an hour and we just talked about camp. It was so awesome hearing about all the fun they're having!....I can't tell you how happy I am to have found this... it's just the experience I want for my kids!"
- Parent of a Forest Camper

"Please keep at this and do it again! I hope more kids can experience time in the woods!"
- Parent of a Forest Camper